Sunday, August 19, 2012

About This Blog

Basically, this blog presents my process framework for assessing the market, identifying actionable ideas (akin to developing a trading plan), executing trades, and managing risk holdings.  As such, it is organized exactly with this framework in mind:

1.  Market Assessment is done through Big Picture Market Context and Short-term Market Musings,
2.  Leading Stocks is a fairly narrow focus list to identify actionable Trade Ideas,
3.  The Trade Blotter puts ideas into action, and finally
4.  The Option Book lists current holdings and exposures that need to be managed.

This is just one framework of I'd imagine thousands of approaches to the market.  At the end of the day, the blog forces me to be more disciplined about not only assessing the market, but, more importantly, also executing actionable ideas.  As some say, "Scared money don't make money". 

The majority of the opportunities will be high-probability, income-generating types of trades via credit spreads and/or naked put/call writes.  But I trust that some of the information shared can also be utilized to place directional bets and take on larger risks.  Whatever the case, I hope visitors find the information helpful and useful in their own trading / investing endeavors.

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